Qualities of a Great Web Designer


You will know if a web designer is good by looking at his past designs. Here are some of the qualities of a great web designer that could serve as a guide to determining who should do the job for your company.

Ability to create a clean overall design

This is another way of saying that you want a minimalistic approach. This kind of website is professional looking. It is easy to navigate. It does not contain tons of images and videos. It is also not confusing. The attention to detail should also be there. The precise pixel measurements should even be considered so that the overall look is pleasing to the eyes.

Can create a website that is easy to update

You don’t expect the website to be perfect at the moment that it is published. However, you need to make sure that it can be updated with changes. Regardless of who does the changes in the future, doing updates must not be difficult.

Knowledge in modern design techniques

You need someone who knows a lot about web design. Knowledge in HTML and CSS is a must, but they should have the ability to manipulate them in such a way that the website becomes compatible with more than one browser. This also includes mobile devices since a lot of users these days look for information using their handheld devices.


Of course, this is web design and the design aspect should still cover the aesthetic appeal of the website. You need someone who can use interactive elements to make the site look more interesting and appealing. The use of Flash would be a huge boost.

SEO knowledge

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps make the website more visible. The web designer must not just know the design aspect of the job, but also how to make the site more popular online. There are several strategies to ensure that the website’s online presence is felt. The use of certain codes could actually be a huge boost to the overall popularity of the site.


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