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                                In this trending and digital world, the web technology has been raised a lot that has been getting more and more embedded in our daily lives. Web Development is used in each and every aspect from shopping to banking to reading trending news. The talent of Web Development is really amazing and it is in great demand as well. The scope of the web developers is very incredible to give out their innovative trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is in great demand whenever you talk about the trending technology. It is going increasing with all the latest techniques and methodologies. This biggest technology company such as Microsoft, Google and Face book etc will be surely releasing AI technologies which can be surely used by the public as per their convenience.

Virtual Reality

When talking about the future of technology, the other word comes after the Artificial Intelligence is Virtual Reality. It has created an amazing trend already in the gaming industry. It brings out the new and interesting possibilities in the world of gaming field that will not surely stop there. In the coming days, there are most of the technologies that are mostly done by the Virtual Reality Technologies.

Internet of Things (IOT)

This IOT is simply defined as the giving internet connection to the non-internet-connected objects so that it can easily send or receive data. These objects can range from your toaster or kettle to sensors on motors or else sensors embedded in concrete to detect cracks and weaknesses. Web Developers will not surely be involved in this creation of devices and they are likely to be involved in the development of applications to use, analyze and display apps. Web Developers can easily communicate with the IOT devices with all trending applications.

Angular 2 and Beyond

Angular 2 has come up with a lot of changes and Google’s front end Java script framework is entirely redesigned and the applications are written Type Script. They have completely moved to component driven architecture and now it has defined and regular release schedule.

Static Website Generators

Static website generators are created as the websites from the plain text that are completely stored in the field as a database. This Static website is mostly built by generators such as Jekyll that has come up with various advantages such as Speed, security, traffic surges and ease of deployment.

Web Design Evolution

The web Design Evolution is completely based on the various interfaces that are stapled on the web. It is combined with tracking.js and interfaces that are completely responded to the movements. People are compelling and engaging with required information in a quick manner.

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