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Imagine today’s life without mobile applications. Its wonder how mobile application became an emerging technology these days. Now most people have smart phones so apps are easy to access and simply make your life much better. Now let’s go back and brief about the history of mobile applications, we can clearly figure out that a few java games, calculator or a calendar were all come under mobile apps those days. If we clearly observe the first smart phone was announced by IBM in 1993, where it was equipped with basic applications like calculator, world clock, calendar and basic java games. Next, blackberry released a smartphone in 2002, which was the major achievement in the field of mobile application development.

Since there were many estimations on the evolution of mobile apps. The most recognizable mobile apps where really launched in the year 2007 by appearance first iPhone from Apple inc. IPhone changed everything and became an instant hit in today’s world and gave an exposure to touch screens and latest apps.

Well we have improved use of apps in Android and IOS too. As everyone believe that mobile phones are the main route for people to stay connected. So mobile applications makes it easy to communicate easily. A smartphone is considered to be an multi functional device that not only helps in communication but also helps in learn, earn, and can also have a lot of fun.

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Mobile Application Development Company In Hyderabad

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