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Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. By waking up in the morning itself only everyone start using mobile for using whatsapp, reading news, watching YouTube videos and for various purposes. Each and every work will be surely executed by using mobile devices only where billions of people in the worldwide are using smart phones as per the reports. Here goes some of the Best Mobile Application Development Trends that are mainly used for Organizational enhancement

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is changing Web App Landscape

Google has been started AMP Project where it has announced the separate search box for search index for mobile app development. All the revolutionary methodologies and techniques changes the trends from SEO to web app perspective. This mainly supports all the web apps which can easily load in faster on the mobile devices and reduces the large number of bounce rate.

  • Artificial Intelligence is real now

Gartner found, there will be a more than 300% increment in the investment of artificial intelligence in the coming year. The usage of advanced analytics is increasing in wide range, cognitive interfaces into complex systems and machine learning technical’s, Artificial Intelligence will provide business users access to powerful insights that are not available before. Many of the Organizations like IBM, EBay, Facebook, Google etc are investing on it.

  • Much focus on Security Apps

As per a Gartner prediction, 75% of mobile apps would not pass even basic security tests. In support, a HP study states that 70.6% apps can access to external storage and 94.7% apps include logging methods. Most of the hackers will ensure and tend to continue the exploiting apps that will be saved in much confidential information in trending ways. JavaScript frameworks can help you develop a secure and scalable mobile application.

  • Internet of Things will be much Bigger

Internet of Things can easily connect the devices for the purpose to share data or else information. This can directly impacts all the trends where the IOT devices are mainly controlled by smart phones. IOT is one of the latest Mobile app development trends that has piqued mobile developer interest in the coming days with its amazing techniques and methodologies.

  • M-Commerce is rising its standards

In the current trending world, the usage of Credit/Debit cards, considerable number of customers prefers to make purchases through Google wallet and Apple Pay. This is raising much demand for the M-Commerce to develop organizational growth. Surely, the M-commerce payment facility will take the different shape in the coming year. By going to the predictive analytics and data collection, wearable will play a vital role in the future of m-commerce and customer loyalty.

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